Pen clickers beware!

I am old and cranky. I am the mother of 3.5 children who test my nerves at every opportunity. I will not tolerate your pen clicking!


Well actually what exactly can you do in a lecture theatre of 200 people? What I wanted to do was politely say, “Excuse me Dr Maria, may I just deal with something for one moment?” Then I was going to stand up, turn around and in my best mumsie tone I was going to rip the pen clicker a new one with a tirade of my angry words. I would do that whole, “If you don’t stop that RIGHT NOW I am going to come up there and then God help you. You don’t want me to come up there! I am serious! … Don’t you do it again. I mean it!” ( I am aware I parent with empty threats and I never make any real sense when I am ranting.)

Why would you pay all that money to attend university and then click your pen through the whole lecture? Omg, how on earth did the person right next to them cope??? I would have grabbed the pen and flung it away (like I do when Mr One keeps handing his shoes to me wanting them put on, I eventually lose my cool and throw them behind the couch.)

Luckily for the other students it is my day off tomorrow. I can stay at home and celebrate my birthday 🙂 Ha! Yep I should’ve been born a bit later in the year because then I would get presents. Currently we are still settling into this one income thing and recovering from the car stealing incident. Who knows though, maybe someone will buy me a fancy pen and as long as no bastard clicks it; the day will go swimmingly.


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