Elmo and the history of Maori culture.

Elmo is an American. Elmo has a very whiny voice that makes it hard to distinguish whether he identifies with a particular ethnic group. I am guessing Elmo doesn’t identify with any group, he is a furry and loving little monster who just loves everyone, no discrimination from Elmo.

The Maori are, as far as I am allowed to read, a proud and peaceful culture. A culture with strong tradition with deep roots in farming the land and hunting. Maori identify as an ethnic group and within that they identify with their different tribes across Aotearoa.

I need to keep reading about Maori tradition and culture. It is vitally important to my Maori107 course at university but Elmo is much more of a priority to Mr One. So imagine my frustration as I try and read this meaty textbook of mine that every two minutes or so the ‘Tickle Me My Name Is Elmo’ book comes at me from the right, from the left, over the top and sometimes directly to my face in a sort of aggressive tactic to make me respond.

Piss off Elmo, I’m busy.



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