B is for boo, baking, bachelor and bouncing back…

Lot’s of things for B. Haha and I got one in my social policy class, not the optimal grade but no where near a failure either. I would like to say, “Thank God for my tutor”. I have the same tutor for two very important classes and he is just fantastic. I’ve been struggling with an essay that is due very soon and so yesterday I thought I would share my ideas on it with him. He didn’t comment at first, I could see him thinking that I was so far in the wrong direction he was going to struggle to bring me back without hurting my feelings or making me feel stupid. There was a bit of thoughtful silence, a few questions here and there and then suddenly I cracked it. I figured it out for myself. His style was so calm and non judgmental, I’m really grateful for that because I think one of the scariest things about being an adult student is being told you’re wrong or you’re not getting it. We as adults get in this groove where we just have to save face all the time and often that’s where the learning stops. I can assure you that at Canterbury University at least there are some amazing support networks.

As for my usual chaos that hopefully you’re enjoying. I was racing back to my car the other day but I had to stop and take a pic of something…


It’s guys in a cardboard fort! There is a cardboard knight outside of it with a foam pool noodle sword!!! I have to mention that my fave part was the guy clopping coconut shells together pretending to be a horse. Uni life is great…

I then decided to do some baking for the first time in ages. Boo… fail…


But wait! We don’t fail it this family…


Turned those fail biscuits into a delicious base for a marshmallow slice. Eating it is making having to watch the Saturday arvo rerun of The Bachelor NZ so much better. Bloody Miss 12 and her questionable TV choices!

One more thing before I make my grand return to essay writing. Before I bounce back up on the good grades horse…


This is how I left my printing next to the library computer I was using while I went and got more printing. Love how at university no one would even bat an eyelid at this. If I had been at the local library my controversial reading probably would have made the local hotline newsletter.

Enjoy your weekend.


Te Kupu o te Wiki – The Word of the Week

This is going to help me with my learning, I think you could also learn something too.

Christchurch City Libraries Blog

Kia ora. To celebrate Te Reo Māori we are publishing kupu (words).

Kīwaha (colloquialism)

Kei mahurangi kē koe.
You are away with the fairies.

Kupu (word)

hang on / wait.

Taihoa kia hoki mai a Māmā.
Wait for Mum to get back.


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School camp and remembering important things at the last minute!

Today Miss 11 went on camp. Last night we packed her things. This morning I dropped her off at school… she had left a ton of important stuff behind -_- .

Of course I lost my cool. I had to drag Mr One back to the car, load him in his car seat (back arching and all) to race home and grab her bed roll, her sunglasses and the shortbread I had spent my precious time baking for all the little monsters at camp to say they hated. By the time I got the stuff back to her I wasn’t in the best of mood for loving goodbyes. I hope she has a good time regardless.

Then I dropped Mr One off at preschool and was reminded that Quiz Night is tomorrow night, I have a team booked but I haven’t actually arranged anything. I am just as bad as Miss 11.

So here I am blogging. I should be rushing around and sorting out my life. My house is a mess from the chaos that was getting everyone organised and Miss 11 to camp on time. I have assignments pending. I have a quiz team to organise. I am also fearful I have forgotten other important things but at least not Mr One turning Mr Two! That my friends is marked on the calendar in big bold letters.

I suppose there is also the matter of Miss 11 not being able to walk Mr Six home from school. Where is my rock to crawl under? Today is going to be a long ass day…

A is for adult and awesome.

I received my first grade on a written assignment. It was an A-. You know what? Screw the minus, it’s in the A’s and A’s are good and encouraging.

In other news this week. I have found a good use of my gaps between lectures. Well I suppose I could study but it seems I study better at night, so when there is no photocopying or printing to be done, no library books to pick up then you can find me completing research project surveys and tests for $$$.

The more advanced students are doing all sorts of things to figure out all sorts of things. They are wondering about how we use online gaming, how we feel about diversity, they also (as I found out through my last survey) like to trick us into thinking things are about to happen and see whether this shapes our beliefs. As for the money part of it. They offer vouchers to the nearby mall and petrol vouchers. It isn’t highly paid but yesterday I got $10 petrol for 20 minutes of my time, sitting on my butt clicking a mouse. The thinking involved was minimal as it was mostly about my attitude on diversity on scales of 1 to 10.

The only real drawback to yesterday was that I had to enter the psychology building. Now anyone who has studied art at UC might have been in there. When you enter by Cafe 101 it’s really lovely, nice fresh paint in parts and it smells delicious like coffee and pastry. Then you turn right after the cafe and end up in a post apocalyptic zombie movie scene.


These pictures don’t really do the place justice. You have to think, ‘no windows = no air’ and ‘what the hell is that smell?’ while looking at them. I wish I could have snapped a pic of the horrible bunker like room I had to complete the survey in. I fear the psychology students are going to end up more depressed than the masses but hey, I got my voucher and I made for the door!

I guess what I am trying to express in this post is that as an adult student you too can get A’s and you can use your worldly knowledge to think outside the box on how to make just that little bit extra cash. The younger students think that $10 or $20 vouchers aren’t enough for their time but I know that I probably would have sat in the library texting my husband while tricking myself that I was studying and not earned anything at all. It’s all about the gains people.

St Paddy’s Day, diversity and a whole different world.

My observations could just be that of a disconnected older person but I am going to give them anyway.

It was St Patrick’s day yesterday, 17th March. I’m not sure if the sudden change in weather dampened the spirits but I didn’t see one big green hat nor did I over hear any conversations about getting frightfully pissed in the evening. I did see an advertisement for the Foundry bar saying it was open for St Paddy’s celebrations however when I went into the foundry today there wasn’t really any sign of a big night at all.

That leads me to why I was in the Foundry today. There was a celebration of diversity on and there were signs up saying there was a world food market at the Foundry. FOOD. I like food… especially hot food when the wind is throwing icicles at you! At this celebration of diversity there was delicious food and a baking stall raising money for Vanuatu after cyclone Pam. I ended up buying baking because it was for a good cause but not even Mr One would eat the baking… oh well.

So what I am trying to say with my rambling is, I think the students are different now. I still see evidence of footpath vomit and outdoor couches when I am walking from my free parking in the morning but as a whole I don’t really see much of the old days. The old days the students wore weird crap, drove shit box cars and got super drunk at every available moment. I’m pretty sure I actually saw some in lectures that were still drunk from the night before.

So settle the hell down old folks! The younguns aren’t losers or lazy like you fear. They aren’t doing a lot of crazy crap that I can see. No one smokes anymore and although the energy drink consumption is high I doubt the illegal substance intake is nearly as bad. Maybe the change is because now days it is a tough road being a student. Loans are high, living costs are sky rocketing and the government is whistling in the corner with their hands firmly shoved in their pockets. I think everyone studying at the moment knows that they need to do well and that they can’t waste time.

I may be completely wrong. They could be doing all sorts of insane stuff when I’m not looking, or I may be looking in the wrong spots but I think that the stuff they are doing is insane to them and pretty damn mild to anyone who was let loose in the 90’s 😉


I Will Like Random Blogs.

If I’ve liked your blog and you can’t understand why… because you’re not blogging about study, or motherhood, or anything I blog about then understand that is because your blog is awesome. I like refreshing blogs and many of you have them. I like sad blogs, and many of you have those. I like blogs that teach me and actually most of you have blogs that do that.

Sometimes I will reblog your posts. I hope you don’t mind. It’s probably because you’ve said something that I couldn’t say better myself. I want the people that follow me to see that.


Another week down.

90% on a quiz was not bad news but how on earth did I miss this? 11045366_10153215286323701_8822708289913526587_nIt would have been great. Oh well. At least now I know to check the notice boards more often! I find that this time around I am far more attracted to the academic goings on. I mean don’t get me wrong, this did look fun too…

.10408951_10153215286668701_7217350412396991642_nI will probably leave that up to the 80% of under 21’s I have in most of my classes. I get a bit sea sick anyway.

Love to hear your feedback people so I will again post the link to my facebook page.

Capture This way you can comment and interact a lot more easily!

Are you standing in “the waiting place”?

‘…for people just waiting.
Waiting for a train to go
or a bus to come, or a plane to go
or the mail to come, or the rain to go
or the phone to ring, or the snow to snow
or waiting around for a Yes or No
or waiting for their hair to grow.
Everyone is just waiting.’ – Dr Suess, Oh the Place’s You’ll Go.

Don’t wait around. Waiting just leads you unproductively closer to death and there is no point in dying without a life lived fully. I am convincing myself that I would rather struggle with something exciting than sit on the couch and be comfortable and coast smoothly to the grave. Morbid? Yea… but we all gunna kick it some day!


Read this book. Read it twice. Go and buy a cool poster, or make one with a quote. This book is golden and helping me through some real “moments”.

“Out there things can happen, and frequently do,
To people as brainy and footsy as you.
And when things start to happen, don’t worry, don’t stew.
Just go right along, you’ll start happening too!”
― Dr Suess, Oh the Places You’ll Go


This is the face of someone who is tired of things being ‘so damned hard’ and who is relying on a Dr Suess book to ‘un-slump’ her. “When you’re in a Slump, you’re not in for much fun. Un-slumping yourself is not easily done.” -Dr Suess, Oh The Places You’ll Go.

Fit and frazzled!


I have a facebook page to make it easier to comment, share or message me 🙂 I am really hoping some of you have a story or two to tell me!

I am going to be so fit by the end of this degree! I have included a map of today’s travels by foot (in 10 minute windows between lectures) to illustrate that I will do anything to save money on parking!


Red is trip A from my park down Ilam road… for some reason it is showing the starting point as closer than it really was (perhaps my limited paint skills). Anyway it’s my trip from the car to Te Ao Marama. I park closer to Riccarton Road (for the locals) and fekkin’ miles away for those who live abroad.

Moral of the story is, I’m totally knackered right now but I didn’t have to pay a cent in parking! Also I’m a little bit dumb, I arranged to meet someone that I sold something to on an online auction but I left the bloody thing in the car! Grrr… my poor legs.

I’ve completed something… not everything.

Yuss first assignment, albeit a mini one, is done! Haven’t submitted it yet, not graded, possibly crap but it’s DONE!!! D. O. N. E…. duuuuuuuunnnnnnnn.

What isn’t done is Mr One’s epic pile of laundry! Ugh how has this kid got so many clothes? Am I raising a fashionista? Am I just making a rod for my own back by not sitting down and figuring out what he doesn’t actually wear? Whatever it is, I don’t want to fold all these tiny clothes. I would much rather keep on writing my horrendous 1500 word sociology essay on the intersexed (horrendous because it’s long, not because of the content).

11028001_10153204505848701_5211505907163274523_nIt’s days like today that I wish I was living in an untidy student flat. Then no one would care about my laundry pile. We could probably all sit on it as a second couch.