Teeny tiny bites of this pie.

Is this panic?

I’m not sure…

There is no sweat yet, but my chest feels sore.

^^^ Clearly not taking any sort of poetry class. I am however well immersed in the social sciences and quietly shitting myself at, not so much the workload but, the timetable. How on earth am I to fit this all in???

I need a solid babysitter/helper to tie in with school and preschool. Then I need to win lotto and move next door to the university.

Now listen Patricia, just breathe. Big deep breaths and start taking teeny tiny bites of the pie. It was always the plan to take this week by week, well now I am just going to take it day by day until I find my groove.

I will find it. I will keep going.


Mr One thinks homework sucks and it’s been confirmed, he is correct. However well done Mr Six for doing yours đŸ™‚


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