Thank the good lord for ASC!

CaptureWorried you won’t cope with student, not because of the masses of young people and the lack of funds but because of the need to suddenly think critically and write 1500 word essays in academic format again?

Reason number …. erm… lots? Yea, reason number ‘lots’ to just forget your hang ups and go to school. The University of Canterbury has an awesome Academic Skills Centre (click the Academic Skills picture above). It’s not just UC that helps out students with the workload and what’s required of them! All major learning institutions have courses you can attend for free.

I went along to ‘essay writing’ and it was great. I suddenly feel a hell of a lot better about my studies. They were friendly and the class was totally packed so it wasn’t like I was having to go in alone and admit I was afraid of essay writing. Too top it off, no one looked over the top of their glasses at me or tutted at me!

I am going to post this and then go and figure out what I am going to do for homework tonight. It’s Saturday I know but every free minute counts! 🙂


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