I’ve completed something… not everything.

Yuss first assignment, albeit a mini one, is done! Haven’t submitted it yet, not graded, possibly crap but it’s DONE!!! D. O. N. E…. duuuuuuuunnnnnnnn.

What isn’t done is Mr One’s epic pile of laundry! Ugh how has this kid got so many clothes? Am I raising a fashionista? Am I just making a rod for my own back by not sitting down and figuring out what he doesn’t actually wear? Whatever it is, I don’t want to fold all these tiny clothes. I would much rather keep on writing my horrendous 1500 word sociology essay on the intersexed (horrendous because it’s long, not because of the content).

11028001_10153204505848701_5211505907163274523_nIt’s days like today that I wish I was living in an untidy student flat. Then no one would care about my laundry pile. We could probably all sit on it as a second couch.


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