Fit and frazzled!


I have a facebook page to make it easier to comment, share or message me 🙂 I am really hoping some of you have a story or two to tell me!

I am going to be so fit by the end of this degree! I have included a map of today’s travels by foot (in 10 minute windows between lectures) to illustrate that I will do anything to save money on parking!


Red is trip A from my park down Ilam road… for some reason it is showing the starting point as closer than it really was (perhaps my limited paint skills). Anyway it’s my trip from the car to Te Ao Marama. I park closer to Riccarton Road (for the locals) and fekkin’ miles away for those who live abroad.

Moral of the story is, I’m totally knackered right now but I didn’t have to pay a cent in parking! Also I’m a little bit dumb, I arranged to meet someone that I sold something to on an online auction but I left the bloody thing in the car! Grrr… my poor legs.


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