St Paddy’s Day, diversity and a whole different world.

My observations could just be that of a disconnected older person but I am going to give them anyway.

It was St Patrick’s day yesterday, 17th March. I’m not sure if the sudden change in weather dampened the spirits but I didn’t see one big green hat nor did I over hear any conversations about getting frightfully pissed in the evening. I did see an advertisement for the Foundry bar saying it was open for St Paddy’s celebrations however when I went into the foundry today there wasn’t really any sign of a big night at all.

That leads me to why I was in the Foundry today. There was a celebration of diversity on and there were signs up saying there was a world food market at the Foundry. FOOD. I like food… especially hot food when the wind is throwing icicles at you! At this celebration of diversity there was delicious food and a baking stall raising money for Vanuatu after cyclone Pam. I ended up buying baking because it was for a good cause but not even Mr One would eat the baking… oh well.

So what I am trying to say with my rambling is, I think the students are different now. I still see evidence of footpath vomit and outdoor couches when I am walking from my free parking in the morning but as a whole I don’t really see much of the old days. The old days the students wore weird crap, drove shit box cars and got super drunk at every available moment. I’m pretty sure I actually saw some in lectures that were still drunk from the night before.

So settle the hell down old folks! The younguns aren’t losers or lazy like you fear. They aren’t doing a lot of crazy crap that I can see. No one smokes anymore and although the energy drink consumption is high I doubt the illegal substance intake is nearly as bad. Maybe the change is because now days it is a tough road being a student. Loans are high, living costs are sky rocketing and the government is whistling in the corner with their hands firmly shoved in their pockets. I think everyone studying at the moment knows that they need to do well and that they can’t waste time.

I may be completely wrong. They could be doing all sorts of insane stuff when I’m not looking, or I may be looking in the wrong spots but I think that the stuff they are doing is insane to them and pretty damn mild to anyone who was let loose in the 90’s 😉



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