A is for adult and awesome.

I received my first grade on a written assignment. It was an A-. You know what? Screw the minus, it’s in the A’s and A’s are good and encouraging.

In other news this week. I have found a good use of my gaps between lectures. Well I suppose I could study but it seems I study better at night, so when there is no photocopying or printing to be done, no library books to pick up then you can find me completing research project surveys and tests for $$$.

The more advanced students are doing all sorts of things to figure out all sorts of things. They are wondering about how we use online gaming, how we feel about diversity, they also (as I found out through my last survey) like to trick us into thinking things are about to happen and see whether this shapes our beliefs. As for the money part of it. They offer vouchers to the nearby mall and petrol vouchers. It isn’t highly paid but yesterday I got $10 petrol for 20 minutes of my time, sitting on my butt clicking a mouse. The thinking involved was minimal as it was mostly about my attitude on diversity on scales of 1 to 10.

The only real drawback to yesterday was that I had to enter the psychology building. Now anyone who has studied art at UC might have been in there. When you enter by Cafe 101 it’s really lovely, nice fresh paint in parts and it smells delicious like coffee and pastry. Then you turn right after the cafe and end up in a post apocalyptic zombie movie scene.


These pictures don’t really do the place justice. You have to think, ‘no windows = no air’ and ‘what the hell is that smell?’ while looking at them. I wish I could have snapped a pic of the horrible bunker like room I had to complete the survey in. I fear the psychology students are going to end up more depressed than the masses but hey, I got my voucher and I made for the door!

I guess what I am trying to express in this post is that as an adult student you too can get A’s and you can use your worldly knowledge to think outside the box on how to make just that little bit extra cash. The younger students think that $10 or $20 vouchers aren’t enough for their time but I know that I probably would have sat in the library texting my husband while tricking myself that I was studying and not earned anything at all. It’s all about the gains people.


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