School camp and remembering important things at the last minute!

Today Miss 11 went on camp. Last night we packed her things. This morning I dropped her off at school… she had left a ton of important stuff behind -_- .

Of course I lost my cool. I had to drag Mr One back to the car, load him in his car seat (back arching and all) to race home and grab her bed roll, her sunglasses and the shortbread I had spent my precious time baking for all the little monsters at camp to say they hated. By the time I got the stuff back to her I wasn’t in the best of mood for loving goodbyes. I hope she has a good time regardless.

Then I dropped Mr One off at preschool and was reminded that Quiz Night is tomorrow night, I have a team booked but I haven’t actually arranged anything. I am just as bad as Miss 11.

So here I am blogging. I should be rushing around and sorting out my life. My house is a mess from the chaos that was getting everyone organised and Miss 11 to camp on time. I have assignments pending. I have a quiz team to organise. I am also fearful I have forgotten other important things but at least not Mr One turning Mr Two! That my friends is marked on the calendar in big bold letters.

I suppose there is also the matter of Miss 11 not being able to walk Mr Six home from school. Where is my rock to crawl under? Today is going to be a long ass day…


2 thoughts on “School camp and remembering important things at the last minute!

  1. dmclark35 says:

    Chaos!!!! It accompanies every adult student I know (myself included). Sometimes it’s just to damn much and something has got to give. For me, that usually means sleep. If I can’t give that up, then it’s time to talk to the proph’s and explain what’s going on. Usually they are cool with it, because I told them what is (was) happening, and will bend the rules a bit for me. That may be the one greatest asset to adult learners – our ability to communicate. I know the young kids in my class won’t say a thing (like ever!) Kudos to you for doing it though. Love the blog, keep it up!


    • patriciaewebb33 says:

      Thanks so much! Yes I have already found in the first assignment my grade was well above those fresh out of school and I think it because I asked questions about the task and I really looked hard at the instructions. Communication is a huge asset!
      Now to try and find the time to write the next essay… Mr One is trying to run over the cat with his bike so I might deal to that first 😉

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