B is for boo, baking, bachelor and bouncing back…

Lot’s of things for B. Haha and I got one in my social policy class, not the optimal grade but no where near a failure either. I would like to say, “Thank God for my tutor”. I have the same tutor for two very important classes and he is just fantastic. I’ve been struggling with an essay that is due very soon and so yesterday I thought I would share my ideas on it with him. He didn’t comment at first, I could see him thinking that I was so far in the wrong direction he was going to struggle to bring me back without hurting my feelings or making me feel stupid. There was a bit of thoughtful silence, a few questions here and there and then suddenly I cracked it. I figured it out for myself. His style was so calm and non judgmental, I’m really grateful for that because I think one of the scariest things about being an adult student is being told you’re wrong or you’re not getting it. We as adults get in this groove where we just have to save face all the time and often that’s where the learning stops. I can assure you that at Canterbury University at least there are some amazing support networks.

As for my usual chaos that hopefully you’re enjoying. I was racing back to my car the other day but I had to stop and take a pic of something…


It’s guys in a cardboard fort! There is a cardboard knight outside of it with a foam pool noodle sword!!! I have to mention that my fave part was the guy clopping coconut shells together pretending to be a horse. Uni life is great…

I then decided to do some baking for the first time in ages. Boo… fail…


But wait! We don’t fail it this family…


Turned those fail biscuits into a delicious base for a marshmallow slice. Eating it is making having to watch the Saturday arvo rerun of The Bachelor NZ so much better. Bloody Miss 12 and her questionable TV choices!

One more thing before I make my grand return to essay writing. Before I bounce back up on the good grades horse…


This is how I left my printing next to the library computer I was using while I went and got more printing. Love how at university no one would even bat an eyelid at this. If I had been at the local library my controversial reading probably would have made the local hotline newsletter.

Enjoy your weekend.


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