Supporting role.

The other day on Facebook, I read a post aimed toward the children who do not always get recognised in the end of year celebrations at school. The post went on to say, “I see you.” An emotive mental finger point to the kids trying their best but falling short of the limelight. It really made me think, not just about those kids. I mean I have one star performer as a child and another child barely able to say his name in public. I get it that some have talents not as visible. What it really made me think about was all the work that gets done in this world by people supporting someone in their life journey.

I see you.

I see you parents staying up late mending holes in favourite outfits because the “best Christmas party ever” is on tomorrow.

I see you parents baking muffins at midnight because you only just checked an email from the class teacher saying there is a ‘bring a plate’ party in the morning.

I see you spouses getting out of bed once you were totally comfortable because you forgot to hang out the laundry with work clothes in it.

I see you spouses doing all the dishes, laundry, putting the children to bed and making lunches (even when the season finale of your favourite show has started).

I see you spouses being quiet because your partner is tired, waiting to talk about the big bills until a better day and sorting out problems on your own so there isn’t more stress in your partners life.

I see you. I also have a message for you.

Dear Supporter,

Supporting is important but it is not all there is. You need to be supported too.

You deserve to have someone pick up the children because you’re still in class. You deserve to have dinner on the table when you return from work sometimes. You deserve to be someone else’s first thought. Maybe that person will get out of bed to check your work clothes or clothes for school are hanging out to dry.

Don’t wait until your supporting role is done. This world is give and take. Give what you must and take what you need.


A Supported Supporter x




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