I am chaotic.

I am chaotic and I attract chaos because of it.

Today I decided that I totally had things locked down. I would get someone to look after Mr One because hubby had overtime to work and I had a uni class to attend. I also thought I would just squeeze in a very important youth mentoring meeting after the class (I gave myself 10 minutes to get out of my seat in lecture theatre E8 and be in Sydenham). No problems right?

I made the meeting. I wasn’t even sweating, as used to rushing as I am. The meeting was going well until the intended young person couldn’t be located. In hindsight I should have known that it was a possibility, social work lesson ‘uno’ learnt. THEN the meeting ended up being twice as long as intended, so in peak hour traffic I had to make it across town to pick up Mr One and head back to Amberley.

I am home now obviously. The kids are running riot and ruining my previously perfectly tidy house, I need to shower the boys and tidy the house again. So where is the time to study for the two assignments I have just been given?

I am guessing that I will find the time to study after I have done all those things, filled out the camp form that Miss 11 just handed me, found all the things I need for my driving test tomorrow morning and made the school lunches.

Just remember I am well aware that I chose this. I am sharing the chaos with you so that you know it can be done.

Where the hell did I just put that camp form? $^%^!!!

Right that’s it… you’re not getting a picture on the blog today. -_-


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